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Freddy Bangles, January 2022: 

Love the food and most importantly the people serving you here are friendly. Lots of choices!

Angel Reyes, June 2021: 

Awesome place.
Great portions. Great selection of hot and cold sandwiches. Italian food items and soups available.
Deli section with all kinds of cold cuts and cheeses.
Breakfast and coffee.
Highly recommended.
Lottery and ATM on premises.

Liz Gosselin, August 2021: 

Great sandwiches and chicken cutlets 😁 also had a piece of crumb cake and it was one of the best pieces I ever had. I wonder if they bake it on site?

Lily Amezcua, April 2021: 

Lois and her husband are very polite and very warm and friendly. The place made me feel like I was back at home with my Italian friends. I had a sandwich and it was made fresh and tasted delicious! Definitely recommend! Thank you for you both for being so nice!

Marcia Gowe, January 2021: 

Home made dishes, great sandwiches. Perfect classic side and great personal service. Also can buy meats, produce and a large variety of non perishable. I live down the block. Check it out you'll be pleased.

Dan, June 2021: 

Just moved to the area and figured I try the local deli...awesome food! Someone knows how to cook good Italian food :)

Michael DeNardo, January 2021: 

Just moved here from Queens. As a city guy I’m used to boars head. They are the only place I could find in the area that has their meats. On top of that they have amazing, homemade soups and meals. Their breakfast sandwiches are great! Their sausages are incredible! Their specialty dishes are like moms homemade 🤗 I’m in there weekly. The staff is over the top friendly. I recommend it to anyone 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

Nicole DellaTerza, January 2021: 

Excellent Staff!!! Great Value!! Good Location!

Ed Conway, January 2021: 

Food, service and price are fantastic.

Rosy Martinez, January 2021: 

I have gone to this deli when it was Frade's back in late 90's. Recently moved back into the neighborhood and decided to visit. Good quality cold cuts, fresh bread and good for overall supplies needed. My husband has gone here daily as well and brought back a stuffed bread. It was good and fresh. I tried the macaroni salad which was good as well. I am looking forward to trying other items and supporting a local business in the process. I would like to see more selections of salad but that could be due to a limited menu due to the times now.

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